LaLamour Summer Collection 2017

Discover the LaLamour summer collection 2017. Our dresses, skirts, tunics, pants and tops are now available is stores in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Norway, Spain, Sweden, USA, Switzerland and Online.

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LaLamour Summer Collection – Summery

The summery dresses, skirts and pants are made from lightweight cotton voile, decorated with Indian decorative patterns in red and turquoise.

LaLamour Summer Collection - LaLamour Summery Maxi Dress Red

LaLamour Summery Maxi Dress Turquoise
LaLamour Summery Pants Turquoise LaLamour Summery Maxi Dress Red
LaLamour Tunic Red LaLamour Tunic Turquoise

LaLamour Butterfly Tunics

The butterfly tunics are made of cotton crêpe. They are decorated with Indian embroidery in red, turquoise, pink and aqua.

LaLamour Butterfly Tunic Tuquoise LaLamour Butterfly Tunic Red

Poppy Red and Poppy Orange Dresses

These retro jersey dresses and skirts are decorated with a poppy print in orange and red.

Classic Crossdress Poppy Orange Sundress Poppy Orange
Maxi Sundress Poppy Red Maxi Sundress Poppy Orange

Dotty Dresses and Skirts

LaLamour Classic Crossdress Dotty Red LaLamour Circle Skirt Dotty Red
LaLamour Circle Skirt Dotty Aqua LaLamour Summer Collection - Circle Skirt Dotty Green