Autumn/Winter Collection 2019

We used the twenties as our inspiration for the new Winter Collection.

The time of the Flappers; the free-spirited, rebellious ladies who radiate an androgynous sensuality with their short hairstyles.

These hedonistic ladies were alluring and mysterious as beautifully portrayed by the American film star Louise Brooks.

Upon popular demand by many of our customers, LaLamour has decided to print on a high quality, firm 95% VI / 5% EA jersey for this season. This jersey obscures that what needs to be hidden and fits the body beautifully. Polyester has been completely removed from our collection. This jersey helps with accentuating and improving shapes and curves. Viscose consists of 90% cellulose ( just like the cotton fiber ) mostly extracted from deciduous trees and conifers. The fibers are moisture-absorbing and breathable.


The Rose is the symbol of love, joy and happiness, and therefore has to be part of our LaLamour collection.
Blossom like the rose and show your inner self.


Dance Palace print is an ode to dances like the tango, foxtrot and charleston. These united people in the ’20s ballrooms and brought them to extase.
Dancing in any shape or form makes us happy.


Twenty print has been inspired on the flamboyant couturier and father of Art-Deco: Paul Poiret.
The hight of  Poiret’s taste for the exotic, revealed itself in the extravagant happening the thousand and second night, Where the fashion king welcomed hundreds of guests as a Sultan. 
Paul Poiret celebrated life and has given attention to that which brought him pleasure: art, fashion photography and dressing up festivities .He created harmony and beauty in his surroundings.


Oriënt. Egypt, India and Persia are inspirational for Lalamour’s colorful prints.
The success of oriëntalism in the 1920s is partly owed to the Ballets Russe,
which introduced the public to the exotic world
of Cleopatra and Schéhérazade.


Square rose has also been inspired by the work of couturier Paul Poiret. His love for  geometric lines, daring color combinations and simplified abstract shapes adapted from flora and fauna, used in this designs.
Poiret was one of the first ones that understood fashion is also a lifestyle, a “feeling” translated into an image.


Our Lace print has a lively aura, because of the photographic print. quieter print, good to combine with other prints in this collection.


Our Pearly of summer ‘19 translated to beautiful wintercolors. The PEARLY styles are made to complete the outfit.


The early “50 are represented by swinging Petticoats in beautiful warm winter colors.