About Lalamour

LaLamour is an all age feminine brand.

A clothing brand for women with a dash of daring.

Made for “the colorful” with a bohemian feeling for freedom.

LaLamour celebrates colour and pattern. 

The collections are characterized by a flourish of abundant color,

which speaks of open-heartedness and joy.

LALAMOUR is not just a name …

It winks at a beauty from the early 30”s,40”s and 50”s …

Dorothy Lamour.

From shop-girl to beauty contest queen

to big band singer to Hollywood, she started her

cinematic world tour as The Jungle Princess.

Lamour is best remembered for her

appearing in the Road to… movies.

Road to Zanzibar, Road to Marokko, Road to Utopia,

Road to Rio, Road to Bali, The Road to Hong Kong. 

A more enjoyable and inspiring fellow-traveller is hard to

imagine for LALAMOUR.

The Designer


LaLamour is designed by Margit Pronk. 

Feminity, colour and a sense of freedom characterize her work. 

Inspired by bohemian and retro styles she is creating fashion that enable self-expression 

for women with a dash of daring. 

She is at her best in her atelier, a workplace that breathes her characterizing style. 

The room is filled with creative sets of fabrics, colorful items and pictures.